Kofax- Recruitment


Kofax from Lexmark is a leading provider of smart process applications that simplify the business critical First Mile™ of information intensive customer interactions. We combine market leading capture, process management, analytics and mobile capabilities that enable organizations to increase their responsiveness to customers, provide better service, gain a competitive advantage and better grow their businesses while reducing operating costs.


Kofax from Lexmark is a financially healthy, fast growing software company that’s bringing disruptive technology to market. Our success is the direct product of intelligent, creative, driven employees who are passionate about helping organizations “make the First Mile™ of business smarter.”

Making the First Mile smarter for organizations means focusing on the point of engagement between the company and its customers. Improvements at that critical point of engagement will drive increased responsiveness, a higher level of service, a distinct market advantage, and reduced operating costs. Making the First Mile smarter is vital in an era in which customers are increasingly empowered and connected, and customer loyalty can be won or lost in the first few moments of any transaction.