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Business Manager posted by Flexiple

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Full Time
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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Job Description

Company Profile :
Flexiple, an IIM Ahmedabad start-up, is an online freelancing platform aiming to empower both companies and freelancers through its quality services. We cater to the following categories: a) Design & creative b) Website & mobile app development c) Content writing, Our mission is to create a nation of financially independent individuals who retain the flexibility to pursue other interests. We promise to keep customer delight as our only priority and ensure you have a great experience. Meet our little friends who will help us achieve this: 1) Matchmaker - A proprietary matching algorithm that brings you a customized list of project. Also, Bid the bidding process Goodbye! 2) Project Guru - Project management tools to effectively plan your work. 3) PaySure - Online payment features for hassle-free and timely payments.

We are currently looking to hire individuals for the role of a Business Manager. The profiles will be aligned to our two customers: Freelancers and Companies.

Freelancer - related role
  • Lead generation - Would involve marketing across various channels to onboard freelancers to the platform. This would provide the firepower on which our curation process would then be executed.
  • Curation process - Flexiple's promise on quality is extensively dependent on the efficacy and streamlined functioning of the curation process. The manager is expected to ensure the smooth functioning of the same.
  • General strategy - Identifying key problems of freelancers, proposing solutions to address them, ensuring general customer happiness and an overarching responsibility that Flexiple delivers on its promises.

Company - related role
  • Sales pitch - This would involve sales and marketing whereby the manager would have to make pitches to various companies. This includes identifying potential channels through which the companies can be reached and then targeting them to ensure a constant pipeline of projects.
  • Project execution - Flexiple is a partner to both the company and the freelancer on every project and the successful completion of the project is also one of our core responsibilities. Therefore, any customer queries / complaints would have to be handled and sorted by the manager.
  • General strategy - Identifying key problems of companies, proposing solutions to solve them, ensuring general customer happiness and an overarching responsibility that Flexiple delivers on its promises.
Further, It is vital to note that the individuals recruited will not be permanently aligned to only one of the roles - they would be expected to rotate between these two roles at regular intervals (period length will be conveyed later) to develop a perspective on the other profile and thereby have a well-rounded approach to solving any business problem.



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